Recess! Oh, Recess! By Darren Sardelli, Children Poem, Laugha Lot Poetry

Recess! Oh, Recess!

Recess! Oh, Recess!
We love you! You rule!
You keep us away
from the teachers in school.
Your swings are refreshing.
Your slides are the best.
You give us a break
from a really hard test.
Recess! Oh, Recess!
We want you to know,
you’re sweeter than syrup,
you’re special like snow.
You don’t assign homework.
You make the day fun.
You let us play kickball
and run in the sun.
Recess! Oh, Recess!
You’re first on our list.
We’d be in despair
if you didn’t exist.
We’re happy we have you.
You’re awesome and cool.
Recess! Oh, Recess!
We love you! You rule!

By: Darren Sardelli

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