The Song of the Feet, By Nikki Giovanni,

The Song of the Feet

The Song of the Feet It is appropriate that I sing The song of the feet The weight of the body And what the body chooses to bear Fall on me I trampled the American wilderness Forged frontier trails Outran the mob in Tulsa Got caught in Philadelphia And am still unreparated I soldiered on in Korea Jungled through Vietman ...

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Black History Month, Poems for Kids, By Nikki Giovanni

Black History Month

Black History Month If Black History Month is not viable then wind does not carry the seeds and drop them on fertile ground rain does not dampen the land and encourage the seeds to root sun does not warm the earth and kiss the seedlings and tell them plain: You’re As Good As Anybody Else You’ve Got A Place Here, ...

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The Words are Birds By Francisco X. Alarcón, English Poem

Words are Birds

Words are Birds words are birds that arrive with books and spring they love clouds the wind and trees some words are messengers that come from far away from distant lands for them there are no borders only stars moon and sun some words are familiar like canaries others are exotic like the quetzal bird some can stand the cold ...

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We Lived Happily During the War | Poem | By ILYA KAMINSKY |

We Lived Happily During the War

We Lived Happily During the War And when they bombed other people’s houses, we protested but not enough, we opposed them but not enough. I was in my bed, around my bed America was falling: invisible house by invisible house by invisible house. I took a chair outside and watched the sun. In the sixth month of a disastrous reign ...

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Snow | By Louis MacNeice | Poetry Lover | Winter Poems |


Snow The room was suddenly rich and the great bay-window was Spawning snow and pink roses against it Soundlessly collateral and incompatible: World is suddener than we fancy it. World is crazier and more of it than we think, Incorrigibly plural. I peel and portion A tangerine and spit the pips and feel The drunkenness of things being various. And ...

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Poem Of The Day Plurality By Louis MacNeice

Snow By Louis MacNeice

Plurality  It is patent to the eye that cannot face the sun The smug philosophers lie who say the world is one; World is other and other, world is here and there, Parmenides would smother life for lack of air Precluding birth and death; his crystal never breaks— No movement and no breath, no progress nor mistakes, Nothing begins or ...

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Poem Of The Day “Haruko” Love Poem By June Jordan


“Haruko” Love Poem I never thought I’d keep a record of my pain or happiness like candles lighting the entire soft lace of the air around the full length of your hair/a shower organized by God in brown and auburn undulations luminous like particles of flame But now I do retrieve an afternoon of apricots and water interspersed with cigarettes ...

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Poem of the day “Meeting Point” By Louis MacNeice

Meeting Point

Meeting Point Time was away and somewhere else, There were two glasses and two chairs And two people with the one pulse (Somebody stopped the moving stairs): Time was away and somewhere else. And they were neither up nor down; The stream’s music did not stop Flowing through heather, limpid brown, Although they sat in a coffee shop And they ...

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Poem of the Day “Tula” (City life is a whirl of poetry readings) By Margarita Engle

"Tula" (City life is a whirl of poetry readings)

“Tula” (City life is a whirl of poetry readings) City life is a whirl of poetry readings and forbidden tertulias, gatherings where young and old, rich and poor, male and female, dark and light— runaway slaves and freed ones, former masters and former servants—all take turns sharing secret verses rooted in startling new ideas. Each evening, I go home with a ...

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